आपकी FUNDING की जरूरत को हम साकार करेंगे

Attractive interest rates
Hassle free procedures
Easy documentation
No hidden costs
Customized products to suit your needs
Well trained professionals providing doorstep service

Focus on Existing Customers

More products per customer cannot be achieved by more customers but more satisfied customers. More satisfied our customers, more likely they’ll partner with us for their next big pursuit. More likely, they’ll recommend their family and friends to us. The more our customers recommend us, the less we need to worry on getting new customers. The less we worry on getting new customers the more we’ll focus on existing customers
• We call you up - let you know the quotes, Terms & Conditions of leading bank, will also mail you the same on the email address provided.
• We mail you the List of Documents required with your "Loan" Application.
• After you finalize the lending bank we fix up an appointment with you for form signing & documents collection.
• After your confirmation & appointment we collect the documents.
• In our office the documents are scrutinized & the application form is filled up. If there are any pending documents & queries we would convey you the same, would appreciate your revert on the same at the earliest.
• Once the file is completed in all respects it is logged in with the bank.
• The Bank then does it process i.e: Documents scrutinize, CIBIL check, Physical verification of Residence & Office, then the file then heads to the Credit team for sanction. If there are any discrepancies they are conveyed to the customer, it is expected that the customer resolves them at the earliest.
• The case is then Sanctioned or Rejected on the basis of its merit & banks parameters.
• In case of the loan application being rejected the same is conveyed to the customer.
• In case of sanction the customer needs to sign the loan agreement with the bank & give security deposit cheques as per the bank's policy also fulfill all the requirements laid down in the sanction letter
• The signed loan agreement & the security cheques are then submitted to the bank for disbursement.
• The bank then issues the loan cheque in the name of the customer, the turnaround time for the issue of the cheque after submission of the loan agreement & security deposit cheque is appx. 48 hrs.

Global Wealth Management Solution

For us customer is important because the services we provide him/her or the commitment given by us to him/her they believe in us.
We never force our customer to take loan from particulars bank, the bank chosen by them from the same bank we provide them home loan.
We never pay commission to any person for providing us the customer because the customers we receive are our reference customer.
We are always loyal to our customers because the expenses which are actually going to happened for home loan only such expenses we tell to our customers.
Till today we are doing our business on reference customers.
We fight for our customer Home Loan with bankers because we know that our customer is loyal and also he has the eligibility of home loan.
In our organisation first we study our customer properly on the basic level and note his/her positive points on which basis he/she can avail home loan from the specific Bank/Financial Institutions.
Our team is always up to date with the banks ongoing schemes etc.
We understand the dream of our customer of purchasing a home is very important to them.
We always maintain our vision , mission and values in our work.
Our vision is not only keep on growing the values of business we are doing but also the number of customers should also grow.
We are always fair and transparent towards our customers.
If we are not providing better service to our customer how we will be able to get our bread and butter to survive our life.
We think that the customer which comes to us for home loan should tell that because Global Wealth Management solution was there so my home loan was done.
We never cheat our customers within 48 hrs we give reply to our customer whether their loan can be done or not, if yes than from which banks.

About Us

• GLOBAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT SOLUTION a professionally managed company and its key members are drawn from diverse Industries directly and indirectly related to the sector.
• The company maintains the highest level of Management and financial integrity and the entire Management team is committed to building a professional company keeping with international best practices in the property services business.
• GLOBAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT SOLUTION has two business verticals. One which caters to Real estate requirements of the HNI clients and second which has bouquet of all the financial products for individuals and corporate.
• Proficiency Forte :
o We meet every corporate at close intervals and understand their business needs and build strong rapport with the corporate.
o Arrange corporate specific campaigns and promotions to ensure maximum sell of Home Loan product and penetration.
o We also promote Insurance products and it become our Cross sells Product.
o We grow and manage the portfolio profitability.
o Recruitment of potential financial advisor. Motivating the advisor generating business from the advisor. Building relation with the advisor and their family.
o Meeting with the builders for project specific tie ups to ensure maximum sell of Home Loan product and penetration.
o Maintaining Relationships with builders and High-end Estate agents.
o Identifying new Projects in Markets and approaching for Specific Tie ups and ensuring penetration in the same providing schemes to builders and clients.
o Also being a core member, I had been into system building, called LOS(Loan Originating System) When it comes to your dream home, you would not like to settle for anything but one that suits your need. We at Global Wealth Management solution know that every need requires special care and attention. At Global Wealth Management solution we take care of your need of not only owning your dream home but also provide you a protection from unwanted events in future. Enjoy your dream home with features of Global Wealth Management solution.
Global Wealth Management Solution maintains a carefully created legacy of excellence, quality and customer satisfaction. Our strategic approach and appropriate understanding of client requirement is vital in the ever-evolving real estate market. Commitment to Quality, transparent dealings, and long-term customer relationships as been our forte.

Global Wealth Management Solution believes in providing continuous support to our customers also to clients. Our efforts will be completely provided to manage the loans effectively with the process and service which we provide.

Every Indian has a dream of buying a property and with our help and procedure we would be able to provide the more cost effective plans. We Global Wealth Management Solution work closely with our clients and customers. We also help with Debt Management System (debtnav) which helps our clients to understand and manage their financial efforts. .

Global Wealth Management Solution is all about putting people in charge of their own financial planning. We provide a structured system with which our customer and client will be able to manage their financial debts corresponding to their income. We provide our best efforts with effective financial management.

What We Makes Special ?

OUR Service provided to our clients and customers are the best entities which we have. Our financial system also gives a good understanding for your financial status. We extend our hands in all ways until you get your property approved with all the legal and financial documents. We also offer competitive rates and terms in this.

Our Communication
We give you a transparent view into your financial status and also the debt that you are acquiring once the loan is approved. (Some deals can be more complicated than others)

We provide you the comfort of completing the process by sitting in your home or offices. If everything is ok we make the process via email, phone and fax.

Best Rates
We are offering competitive and best rates in this business. Yes, it varies from bank to ban
We make the process of securing a mortgage simple and straightforward by offering you the tools needed to help you make sound FINANCIAL choices on what best fits your situation and resources.
Today’s technology allows for an efficient and effective way to provide us with the information needed to assist you with your lending needs. For example, through this website you can get complete information on differentmortgage products, you can calculate your monthly EMI,get to know your interest and principal out go through EMI SCHDULE, you can fill ' apply for loanrequest' or for any query you can use Expert Advice tool and we will get back to you .
Each customer’s situation is different, and by providing you with individual attention and quality service ,we can meet your specific needs.

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